Summary of frequently asked questions concerning the Foundation



Requirements/ Conditions

What is the raised money used for? 1- Pilot Projects
(like the Propeller Guards)
2- Awareness Building and Education Activities
3- Public Relations
- More information about everything concerning the foundation, especially for the public and the volunteer group.
Why sponsor something like the propeller guards, which should be paid for by commercially working people like the boat cooperatives? -Short term we have to show an example of good practice and demonstrate that the propeller guards do work. -Medium term we will convince more captains to mount them.
-Long term we will change policy and have them made obligatory.
How do we communicate any contribution, idea or proposal? -Short term by email and/or telephone to one of the directors.
-Medium term by the forum on the website, by email chain and a Facebook site
- A forum on the website, the email chain and a Facebook site has to be set up.
Can we sign a petition or can we present ourselves in the name of the foundation? -Generally, no- you can not. -In case anyone comes with an idea or project that needs following up or has to be realised with someone's special skill or will, the board will decide to give her/him an official assignment. With this authorisation the person can, in the framework of the assignment and for its duration, act as a representative of the foundation. In cases like this discipline and feedback is of the utmost importance.
Who decides what is going to happen? -Firstly, since the board prefers participatory processes, everybody together with the foundation's administration.
-Final instance is, of course, the board of directors.
-The board of directors is absolutely responsible for every action and direction the foundation takes. Therefore they are the hierarchical summit of the decision making process. 
How to communicate between ourselves, where the foundation is concerned? -Short term by email and/or telephone to one of the directors.
-Medium term by the forum on the website, by email chain and a Facebook site
- A forum on the website, the email chain and a Facebook site, which  has yet to be set up .
How is the relationship between DEKAMER and the foundation? -Although the foundation and DEKAMER are two different entities with different objectives, our mutual aim is the benefit of the sea turtles. The foundation strives for good communication and cooperation, the conduct of which still has to be defined.  -We would like a good- neighbourly relation with everybody at DEKAMER and we insist on politeness and a friendly approach between their and our volunteers.
How is the relationship between officials (like state departments, local administrations etc.) and the foundation? -Generally we are very fine. We are all cooperating and have good relations. Any organisation working with environment and nature protection worldwide does have occasional problems with official departments. So, there will be times when we will be at "loggerheads" with them. We will get through them.
Who to contact if something urgent does occur? -Phone one of the directors. -A telephone and detailed communication list is found on the foundation website.
Can volunteers have free entry to the beach and use the dolmuş for free? -We applied to the municipality and the dolmuş cooperative, problem solved. Volunteers have free transport to the hut by dolmus. -Solved.
Can we make the existence of the hut more obvious, how can we increase visitor's numbers? -We are planning some signs, posters etc. and we will prepare brochures and other info material. -For this season we make do with some temporary material. We will focus on preparing better material for next summer.
Can we make the website more informative and attractive, can we make rank higher in Google? -Generally, yes, we can. The website as it had appeared first was very sweet and personal, but we think about making it appear a bit more professional. is focussing on information abut the foundation.