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Thomas Schmitz, 18-11-2015 17:22:10, Dalyan -1 Turkey
Thank you for the update Maria. The propguard boat list has not been updated since the last year. We did publish the up to date list in our newsletter in September 2015, but forgot to update the web page as well. It has been corrected now. OS Browser
Maria Jonker, 18-11-2015 05:49:29, Dalyan, Ortaca -1 Turkey
Dear members of the board,

At the latest general meeting it was told that the foundation has inspected boats that previously had been fitted with a propeller guard. Together with the ones fitted this very year, the total amounted to no more than 16. All of these have been given a new hallmark including the year 2015.

I would therefore like to repeat a request I made in April this year. Please update the webpage that gives the names of boats and captains that once received a hallmark. Most of these have been removed as was admitted at the Geberal Assembly. As such the information is highly misleading but may be taken as a recommendation to use these boats by preference, where in fact the captains/boat owners are not turtle-friendly at all.
OS Browser, 24-08-2015 23:00:10, -1 Unkown
Turkey was amazing! OS Browser
darren smith, 01-06-2015 22:30:17, middlesbrough -1 United Kingdom
My wife and me have just returned from Turkey and I have to say what a marvellous day we had on the dalyan river finding out about the turtles and how there habitat is protected.It is fantastic how 1 woman with so much passion has influenced so many others how important it is to protect the fantastic turtles.We were lucky enough to see baby turtles in the reeds and after passing through the wood gate arrived at turtle beach.WOW what a beautiful unspoilt place to visit and we should feel privilaged to share it with these wonderful creatures.We all have a duty to continue this support and this has left us with great memories.Well done Kaptan June. OS Browser
Sarah, 28-05-2015 07:58:14, Hertfordshire 5 United Kingdom
Went on a trip last week and stopped off at the turtle hospital on the way back - was so impressed the American students there were so full of information and enthusiasm it was the best part of our week in Turkey . Amazing story if Kaplan June and a beautiful beach. Turtles are incredible creatures could have watched them all day amazing place OS Browser
Thomas, 03-12-2012 13:45:08, Dalyan -1 Turkey
Hi everybody, as the existing forum was not a big success - probably people didn't want to take the trouble of registration - here now a guest-book that does not need signing in.
Just write down, get it it off your chest!
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