Kaptan June's Hut was returned to the beach in 2010. The hut has been renovated and its mural restored. You find it in a lovely situation under the shade of old pine trees on the eastern end of Iztuzu Beach, just 2 minutes away from the parking area.

Now that the Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation has officially been recognized, the "Baraka" has become a small public relations centre. You find a variety of keepsakes, some of which are listed below.
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paperback signed by author

This book is a true story of how June Haimoff, now in her 80’s and still living in Dalyan, found herself in a fight to save a Caretta caretta breeding site from exploitation for mass tourism. Dalyan is a very special part of the world and Iztuzu Beach a spit of golden sand, is a beautiful part of the Turkish coastline. A truly interesting and historical place with Carian Rock Tombs and the ancient Roman City of Caunos, overlooking the delta, beach and out to sea.
The story of Kaptan June, as she is known locally, is a gripping, amusing and pragmatic account which is firmly placed in its local setting. June tells the story of the campaign and how it divided the locals. Apart from that she tells about Turkish village life and the pleasures and pitfalls of life as a foreign woman in an Eastern culture.

Price: £15.00 (postage included)

paperback signed by author

In 'Breakfast With Kaptan June' June reminisces over an array of breakfasts, taking her readers on a roller coaster ride from Uganda to Rio, Fifth Avenue and the Greek Islands.

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music CD performed by June Haimoff

This is a music CD of three songs written and performed by June Haimoff. all songs inspired by her life and times in Turkey. The CD inlay is the original cover picture of June's 1986 single made to generate funds for the protest campaign.
Listen to a short version of "Iztuzu Blues" by clicking the CD on the right.

Price: £ 8.00 (postage included)

"Kaptan June" a portrait
The documentary about our president “Kaptan June” made by german filmmaker Barbara Trottnow. Previously unknown photos, some from the abandoned excavation of the hotel prevented by June in the eighties, enrich the film. June played an essential part in ensuring
that the hotel was not built.

Price: £ 15.00 (postage included)